Welcome to the Teaching section of the Canadian Botanical Association


The members of the Teaching Section of the Canadian Botanical Association have produced this page as a resource for teachers of botany at all levels from elementary school to university. We hope that the site will be particularly helpful to those who are about to start a career in teaching.

In sharing the information available on the Internet, we hope

  1. to promote and encourage interesting and lively teaching
  2. to encourage the development of new curriculum material
  3. to provide easy access to the many available resources on the internet
  4. to promote the exchange of new ideas for enthusing students about plants
For the purposes of this page, we are using the term "plant,"in the very broadest sense, rather than in the modern taxonomic sense. We will include cyanobacteria, algae, fungi and lichens, since in many cases these are still included as subjects taught by botanists, and as botanical items in school curricula.
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 This page was originally created by Christine Maxwell and Sylvie Laliberté.

We welcome your suggestions and comments. Please send them to marian@teachingbotany.org